Plant-level Intelligence for the Lean Digital Farm of the Future

AdaViv is an innovative agriculture technology company specializing in plant-intelligence for greenhouse and indoor farming, starting with the red hot market of commercial cannabis cultivation. We aim to make every indoor farm a highly profitable and sustainable farm through our Digital Lean Cultivation platform, an AI-powered plant care software that keeps digital eyes on each plant and helps growers know what they need to maximize yields and consistency.

Adaviv spun off from MIT, is venture-backed and currently based in Greentown Labs, Somerville, MA (the largest clean-tech accelerator in the world). Our founding team consists of three former MIT researchers/students (2 technical PhDs + MBA), whose domain expertise covers all dimensions of our products, from Biology to AI and Business and brings experience from MIT, Amazon Alexa and McKinsey & Co. We have an excellent track record in MIT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, having graduated from the MIT DesignX and Delta V accelerator programs, in addition to being one of only a few companies to graduate from the 2020-2021 Creative Destruction Labs Agtech Program. 

We are at an exciting stage of our growth and are looking forward to adding passionate, driven individuals, and with a growth mindset, to the team. As a new and valued member of the team, you’ll have the opportunity to grow in role (sky's the limit), gain equity incentives and make a big impact on both our company and our customers.


Current Openings


Adaviv Home Base - Greentown Labs

Adaviv is spun-off MIT and is based out of the world's largest cleantech incubator, Greentown Labs. An amazing community of startups working to make positive change!

Perks of Joining Us

what we have to offer

  • Equity Incentives in a High-Potential Company
  • Health Benefits
  • Fun (outings, socials), Exciting, Diverse and Creative Culture
  • You'll be a Pioneer, making Positive Impact in a Critical Global Industry